Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Recruitment Process Like? 

Recruitment lasts for two to three weeks at the beginning of the semester. Recruitment is open to sophomores and older in the Fall, but anyone is welcome to join the process in the Spring! There are two information sessions, attendance for one of them is required to join. We also have 6 various recruitment events, like craft night and game night, that you can come to and express your interest in ΑΩΕ. You do not have to come to every event, however, 4 events are required! It’s encouraged to come to as many as possible and get to know everyone! If you can not make it to any of the events, please let the recruitment chairs know and we can meet with you to talk about any questions you may have.

What are your major requirements? Do I need to be a specific major to join AΩE?

Female undergraduate students at Washington University in St. Louis, who are currently pursuing either a major or minor in a STEM-related field, or pursuing pre-professional programs -- Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, or other Pre-Health related fields (PT, OT, etc.) -- are eligible for applying to Beta Xi chapter!


What makes us different from the normal rushing process?

We host recruitment events over a two to three week period typically every couple of days. Our recruitment events are typically 1 hour long however Interview Night (invite-only event) will typically be longer. We host fun events like craft night, game night, and movie nights in order for you to be able to bond with the sorority and learn what we value. We want you to be just as excited to join us as we are to have you join!


What if I cannot attend a recruitment event?

You only have to attend 4 out of 6 recruitment events to be considered for a bid from us, along with attending one out of two information sessions is required to join. If you cannot make 4 events/or an info session but are still interested in joining please email us and let us know, we will work it out with you!


What are Dues Like?

During the candidate process dues will be slightly higher that semester, usually around $200. After becoming an active sister, dues are typically $150. These cover the cost of paying to the national organization, pins, letters, Bid Day, and Day Away apparel. There are scholarships available for assistance (just ask us)! 


What are the requirements to become a candidate?

You must be an undergraduate student at Washington University in St. Louis with a cumulative G.P.A above 2.5.


How much time commitment is candidacy?

Candidacy is a six-week process starting at the end of recruitment (after candidate initiation). It consists of weekly meetings, group projects, individual meetings with actives, and a full final week of events. 


Can I join AΩE if I am in the process of rushing a social sorority?

You may not join ΑΩΕ if you participate in a formal rush for a social or professional sorority. You may not be a member of any other fraternity or sorority, including but not limited to Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi, and Alpha Chi Sigma. Certain professional societies like Phi Gamma Nu and Phi Delta Phi, as well as certain honors societies like Lambda Sigma and Alpha Epsilon Delta, are considered acceptable for dual membership. If you have a question about a particular group, email us!


Am I eligible to join if I am a Master's or Ph.D. student?

Unfortunately, we are only able to accept undergraduate students at this time.


When can I wear AΩE Letters?

You may wear letters only after you are initiated as an Active member, post-candidacy process.


What kinds of advantages come with joining a professional sorority?

We base our values on professionalism and preparing our members for careers in engineering and STEM. Every semester we plan and participate in professional events like speakers, panels, and study hours. You will also meet older members who have taken your classes and be able to help guide you in your studies. ΑΩΕ also allows you to become closer to more people in your field while creating lifelong friendships.


What kind of Events does the sorority do?

Our events are based on ΑΩΕ's three pillars: Sisterhood, Philanthropy, and Professionalism. Every semester is a combination of sisterhood bonding, philanthropic fundraisers, volunteering, professional events, speakers, and recruitment events.