Meet Our Sisters

Kappa Class

Alice W

Alice is a senior studying Computer Science and Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. She’s from Nanjing, China, where the weather is random just like St. Louis. On campus, Alice is the treasurer of KaPOW Comic Club and works as a Calculus matched academic mentor at The Learning Center. In her free time, she loves reading, cooking, gardening, and doodling. Alice feels so lucky to have so many awesome sisters at AΩE!

Lambda Class

Amanda Z

Amanda is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania studying Biomedical Engineering. She is a part of the WashU figure skating team and plays the violin in the symphony orchestra. When she has free time, she likes to read, explore new restaurants with her friends, and catch up on much-needed sleep.

Erica D

Erica is a junior from Jefferson City, Missouri studying Systems Engineering with a minor in Operations and Supply Chain Management. She enjoys anything outside, especially backpacking. In her free time, she likes to pet all of the dogs she can find on campus.

Grace N

Grace is from Chicago and is a junior majoring in Global Health and Environment with a minor in Chemistry. She loves figure skating and is part of the WashU skating team. Staying busy while drinking excessive amounts of coffee, she’s also part of VSA and LNYF but enjoys relaxing with her friends, cooking, and jamming out to music.

Jiwon C

Jiwon is a junior from Seoul, South Korea double majoring in Computer Science+Math and Finance. She works as an engineering tutor and CSE 247 TA. She is involved in Lunar New Year Festival and Women in Computer Science. In her free time, she enjoys playing games and taking naps.

Sarah G

Sarah is a junior from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida majoring in Electrical Engineering. On campus, she is a TA for CSE 132 and is a member of WU Racing. In her free time, she likes to read, do puzzles, and hang out outside.

Simran A

Simran is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri majoring in Business and Computer Science. In her free time, she likes to make ink drawings, play piano, and play tennis with her friends. She also loves to dance Bollywood and hip hop fusion.

Yoon K

Yoon is a junior from Seoul, South Korea studying Biomedical Engineering, minoring in Computer Science and Bioinformatics. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new cafés and restaurants and watching romance movies on Netflix. She also loves to go to the pilates studio and ski when it's snowing.

Mu Class

Cassie J

Cassie is a junior from Clarksville, Maryland majoring in Systems Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. She is on the WashU Varsity Cheerleading team, was a WUSA, and worked as a Calculus PLTL leader on campus. Cassie runs on coffee, workouts, and her friends' positive energy! She also loves baking, crafting, and going for boba!

Helen Y

Helen is a junior from Redwood City, California. She is majoring in Computer Science and Math with a minor in Bioinformatics.

Maddie S

Maddie is a junior from The Woodlands, Texas. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering.

Nu Class

Mugdha S

Mugdha is a sophomore from St. Louis. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She loves photography, playing violin, and enjoys biking in Forest Park! On campus, she's a WUSA, is involved in WUSEA, Society of Women Engineers, and more! Mugdha loves exploring new restaurants, hanging out with friends, and is obsessed with The Office.

Sarah F

Sarah is a sophomore studying Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. She is from the SF Bay Area. In her free time, she enjoys baking, going for hikes, and watching Netflix!

Siena L

Siena is a sophomore from Ventura, California majoring in Chemical Engineering and pursuing a minor in Design. As a SoCal girl, she loves hanging out on the beach with her friends and going thrifting. She is also a boba fanatic and is always down to explore new bubble tea places. She has been a completive gymnast for her entire life and is a part of WashU's gymnastics club team, but no, sadly she still cannot do the splits.

Sophie P

Sophie is a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Spanish. She is from Evanston, IL, near Chicago. She is a member of the WUSTL Figure Skating Team and Society of Women Engineers. In her free time, she enjoys figure skating, being outdoors, painting, dancing, traveling, and playing with her dog.

Sydney N

Sydney is a sophomore from the Bay Area, California studying Mechanical Engineering. She enjoys spending time outside by hiking, skiing, and going on long walks in Forest park. She loves traveling and is always up to try new restaurants in St. Louis.

Xi Class

Anna P

Anna is a sophomore from Westchester, New York studying Computer Science and Business. She enjoys analog photography, playing piano, and skiing in her free time. She is in the Society of Women Engineers and a mentor for the BUCS Program.

Catie C

Catie is a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Bioinformatics. She spends her free time watching movies with friends, baking, and learning to play the guitar. She also loves spending time outdoors and adventuring around St. Louis.

Celine V

Celine is a sophomore from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Architecture. She’s a PLTL leader for Calculus III and the treasurer for WashU’s Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). She loves to do arts and crafts, listen to music, and hang out with friends.

Michelle K

Michelle is a sophomore from Brooklyn, NY majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Finance. On campus, she is involved with Developer Student Club and Biztech. Michelle loves to drink coffee and bubble tea and is always up for a food adventure! During her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix and learning how to cook.

Nicole E

Nicole is a sophomore from Thousand Oaks, California majoring in Business and Computer Science with a minor in Environmental Studies. On campus, she is involved with Studio Tesla and EUSS tutoring. She loves trying new restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor adventures, and sitcoms.

Sally L

Sally is a Junior from Saratoga, California studying computer science. She loves figure skating, snowboarding, and walking through new scenery.

Lindsey F

Lindsey is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering. She’s from the Chicago area and has been enjoying attending college in St. Louis. In her free time, Lindsey enjoys baking, playing music, being active, going on random adventures, and spending time with her dog, Molly.

Omicron Class

Abby A

Abby is a first-year from the SF Bay Area, California. She is majoring in Data Science and minoring in Environmental Studies. In her free time, she loves doing anything outdoors (especially backpacking), dancing, reading, cooking, and baking. Abby’s always up for trying new foods, restaurants, or recipes!

Anya G

Audra S

Brianna L

Caroline F

Hi! I'm from Tuscaloosa, AL. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Educational Studies. I'm on the executive board of City Faces and am a TA for Machine Shop Practicum. I love all things music, including listening to Spotify, going to concerts, and playing the guitar and violin. I also love to read when I have free time.

Eliza R

Grace M

Grace is a sophomore from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, majoring in Astrophysics and minoring in Studio Art. She loves all animals (but especially cats), going to the gym, and reading

Heather G

Heather is a sophomore from Upper Saddle River, NJ double majoring in Biology and French. She is involved in research on the Danforth Campus and is an Academic Mentor through the Learning Center. In her free time, Heather likes to read, bake, paint, work out, listen to music, and hang out with friends!

Helen M

Jess S

Kaitlyn W

Kenna M

Lauren F

Lia S

Madeline B

Olivia L

Paige K

Paige is a sophomore from Long Island, NY majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Writing. At WashU she is involved in research on the medical campus, tour guides, a community service organization, and more. In her free time, Paige loves to read, make art, play tennis, and go on adventures with friends!

Sana S

Zoe O