If you're planning to recruit for Alpha Omega Epsilon, please out the interest form to get on the mailing list for reminders, updates, and more! 

Upcoming Info Sessions:

Info Session 1: Tuesday, September 12th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Info Session 2: Thursday, September 14th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

*New Member Application is DUE on Thursday September, 28th!

Upcoming Recruitment Events:

Event 1 - Meet the Sister's Mocktail: Monday, September 18th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Event 2 - Game Night: Tuesday, September 19th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Event 3 - Friendship Bracelet Night: Thursday, September 22nd -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Event 4 - Cookie Decorating Night: Sunday, September 24th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Event 5 - Nail Painting Night: Tuesday, September 26th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Event 6 - Movie Night: Wednesday, September 27th -- Siegel 111, 6 pm

Invite Only Events:

Interview Night: Friday, September 29th

Bid Day: Saturday, September 30th

As a reminder, in order to be considered into Alpha Omega Epsilon, attendance at 1 of 2 information sessions, 4 of 6 recruitment events, and completion of the New Member Application is required! 

Attendance to invite-only events is required post-invitation!

Email us ASAP if any circumstances come up which prevent you from meeting these requirements and we will work with you on a case by case basis!